Shop must be Thai

apps. Answering customer questions seems chaotic. can combine chats from all social channels into one place, along with opening online bills on the chat and can connect with LAZADA stock to manage product stock in one is another social media that online merchants use as a way to make money. And selling things online is still a trend that has not gone down easily.

Now the Shop feature has been launched to support the E-Marketpalce market for online merchants and merchants to use the service to sell things in . Anyone who wants to have additional sales channels, come here! Pimploen has a method for opening a shop in Shop along with techniques for making things in popular from the first step to share with you! What is Buy Whatsapp Number Data Shop? Shop is Shop is an online sales system on that was created for merchants and online sellers who like to make selling video clips on to be able to manage everything related to products in one place, from products, stock, delivery, and ment systems.

Customers can shop in the shopping cart right on your store’s profile without switching apps. Go send a message to order on another platform. Things you should know before opening a store in Shop Seller in . and registered in Thailand Must be years of age or older. Must provide accurate details. Details about opening a store on Shop cannot be changed. The store name must be consistent with the products being sold. Do not name your shop with the word . How to apply for Shop To apply for Shop to sell things, merchants and online sellers need to have a ID first. Because it will make applying easier. How to apply for Shop Shop registration Go to