My motivation for starting Team B

In short, I am convinced the pyramid as hierarchy for corporations is coming to an end. Economic times have changed and internet enables new forms of working together.

In the mean time there has been a shift of wealth from the masses to a tiny group. We can’t rely on politics to reverse this shift. Politics and business go hand in hand nowadays.

To change the system, we as individuals need to unite and work together. We have to beat the system. We have to hack the system.
We need to work our way up, despite the system.

Open Source: Linux and Bitcoin
An example of this is open source software. Developers unite to program the building blocks that can be used by anyone. Despite its monopolistic position and its financial power, Microsoft could not beat an army of developers building web servers running on Linux.

My personal favorite is Bitcoin, open source money with transparent rules that can’t be tampered with by politicians, corporations or central banks.

A though time to be young
If you’re young in The Netherlands right now, chances are you will not be able to move out from your parents the coming years. Life got expensive and prices keep rising. The group of young adults being limited in their freedom by financial means is growing.

I believe we should not rely on politics to change this and hand out money. It will be too little too late. And it will not change the system.
I believe the people who do not benefit from the acquired wealth we have in Europe should unite.
They typically do not have money, but do have time. And instead of giving their time to a company for small change, or wasting it on idle activities, they could work together and share the fruits of their labor.

With internet came a business new form: platform companies. My view on them, such a Deliveroo or Uber, is that they position themselves such that other people work and they siphon off the profits to the shareholders. Modern rent-seeking.

Co-operative teams
My plan is to work towards a business plan for a co-operative, where the members can freely join, work and earn, while sharing the results with their peers in the co-op.
It could be a delivery service. It could be a cleaning agency. It could be anything, as long as the members can create value and earn a living.

Of course, the business model should be created cooperatively. I have made some steps in gathering information. And I started with an online place to work together, being this forum.

Join us!
Would you be interested to add to this business plan for a future co-operative?

Register with and share your thoughts.

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How many members does the Team-B platform have these days? Great write-up!

To answer your question: 5 members to date :slight_smile: